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The team

Our team is constituted of competent specialists in each of their respective activities:

Mme Rose-Mary Garcia Cabrini
Chartered Accountant, HEC Genève – Auditing

M. René Kurth
Chartered Fiduciary Expert – Auditing, accounting, tax, management

M. Mario D’Orazio
Business Economist HES – Auditing, accounting, management

M. François Garcia
Chartered Accountant – Auditing, internal auditing

Mme Delphine Dardier
Accounting, administration

Mme Patricia Rudaz
Accounting, administration

M. David Baltazar
Accounting, tax, administration

Mme Laurence Russo
Accounting, administration

Mme Séverine Aebi

Mme Corinne Brocard
TEP – Advisory in patrimonial structuring

M. Giuseppe Urro
IAF/Finma graduate – Business-PME/PMI - Multinationals - Independents

Mme Patricia Infante
Tax, administration

M. Brahim Laaji
Insurance, mortgage

M. Romain Doncque

Mme Anne Nieva

Mme Geni Deli
Real estate

M. Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Real estate

M. Thibault De Montenach

M. Werner Schär